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As oil prices keep rising, natural gas is of increasing importance in energy supply. According to reports by the International Energy Agency, the demand for natural gas will rise most significantly in the coming years compared to other fossil fuels. In industry as well the importance of natural gas is increasing due to new combined gas and steam plants. Biogas as well is becoming increasingly important. Biogas is available in different temperature ranges. For these requirements, specially designed valves have to be used.

Valves for gas applications – like all other valves – have to be reliable, absolutely tight and safe in operation. VAG valves have been confirmed to have these properties by according examinations and approvals by authorised independent test institutes. The valves are in conformance with the applicable European Standards and have further important approvals.


Biogas station in Vrakuňa

Biogas is mainly produced by fermenting methane in raw materials, i.e. the fermentation of waste. However, depending on how it is produced, biogas may contain extremely aggressive impurities, such as hydrogen sulphide. And biogas prevails in a wide...

VAG Valves in the Gas Industry

A summary of references projects with VAG valves in the gas sector.

VAG valves for the gas industry

VAG manufactures a wide range of gas valves for medium- and high-pressure applications. They range from butterfly valves, such as the VAG EKN® Butterfly Valve for large long-distance and industrial pipelines, to gate valves, such as the VAG EKO®plus Gate Valve and ball valves, such as the VAG JMA ALFA Intermediate Flange Ball Valve up to very small valves for house connections. Depending on the requirements it has to meet, each VAG valve can be combined with various actuators: electric, pneumatic or mechanical actuators.You can purchase the entire valve range for gas networks and gas installations from one single source of supply – VAG. As a result, you will receive a solution package designed and manufactured to your individual needs. 

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