There are no standards or classifications that apply to wastewater. Here customised valves and special knowledge are asked for. One of VAG's strengths. To the products


Wastewater from households or agriculture does not contain the same substances as industrial waste water. In the food processing industry, the composition of waste water is different from that in the chemical industry. As there is no standard whatsoever by which waste water can be classified, special valves and special knowledge are asked for. This is VAG’s strength. For over 140 years, we have been offering a full range of waste-water valves and we keep developing it.  Planners, operators and contractors benefit from our large product portfolio and our consultation expertise. We help you select suitable materials – from the material used for the body to the coating up to the seal.

VAG gives you investment security and safety of operation. Corrosion protection against aggressive chemical compounds, acids or alkaline solutions. Valves designed to meet waste-water requirements, ensuring safe and reliable operation even in heavily polluted waste water and after decades of service, or coatings which have to resist abrasive media. Whatever requirements you may have – we as a worldwide provider of solutions have a wide range of standard products at our disposal and the capacity and expertise to manufacture customised valves.


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A Population of 10,400 people, including the commercial and industrial areas as well as tourism, live in the catchment area of the completed Leibis Dam. To ensure that the quality of the water meets the requirements of drinking water supply and can...

VAG valves in wastewater technology

The quality of wastewater valves becomes obvious in their details. VAG ZETA® Knife-Gate Valves allow the replacement of wearing parts without dismantling the valve. The knife can be delivered made of special materials such as duplex steel or the valve can be supplied with a Halar-coated body. The tightness of the VAG EROX®plus Penstock by far exceeds the tightness required by the standard. We manufacture knife gate valves and penstocks to any individual dimensions. The VAG RSK Disk Check Valve reliably protects pumps even in heavily polluted media. In digestion towers, only the stainless steel disk of the VAG CEREX® 300 Butterfly Valve comes in contact with the digester gas. Together with its sophisticated bearing, the valve has an extremely long useful life. 

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